Shiny Object Syndrome

Being easily distracted by what seems to be:

  • a better offer
  • a better system
  • a better product

Because you think:

  • you'll get rich quicker
  • you'll succeed faster
  • your dreams will come true tomorrow
If you always give your attention to the shiniest object in front of you at any given time, and as a result lack focusdespite your  best intentions
If you frequently abandon commitments because something new has caught your attention, or because the ‘new' has worn off of the last opportunity you jumped onto, or your last business didn't work fast enough
You suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome.

How to Beat Shiny Object Syndrome

The fastest way to internet marketing success is to be committed to your business model, the product you're offering and the tactics you're using.

If you have a quality product, your results will be long term because your reputation for having a quality product will be top notch.

Internet marketing includes a variety of tactics that when used on a consistent basis will bring results.

With internet marketing, the process is the same, the tactics are the same …

which means you're distracted by the possibility of results.

Decide: It's easy to be distracted when you've not made a decision. It's easy to procrastinate, to not do the actions needed for success when you've not made a decision. So, decide … right now … what it is you want to do and how you will do it.

Commit: as soon as you take action on your decision you are committed … to yourself, first, to stay with one offer, one set of products, one system until it gets the results you're looking for.

Keep Going: no matter how much it feels like a grind (and it will), no matter how many times it feels too hard, don't stop! If success was easy, everyone would have it! You have to keep moving forward in spite of the feelings, in spite of the grind.

Finish: This is crucial. You must finish to an end point. Nothing half-way. No loose ends. Pick what the end point looks like and work until you get there.

When  you've done these four things, you'll notice that the next Shiny Object isn't so shiny anymore.

Now –


Because now you will have experienced the “hey that sucked … at times … but it sure was worth it!”

And it's much more rewarding than starting over again, and again, and again. Never finishing. Always hoping. Always wondering ‘what if'.


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