Patience Is About Getting Things Done

It's not the waiting for something to happen.

It's not the ‘calm before the storm'.

For me, it's about how I am acting before the final outcome is revealed or occurs.


Impatience is: tapping my foot while in line at the store.

Patience is: standing still, knowing that I will end up at the cashier when my turn comes.


Impatience is: wanting $5,000/month income, right now, without doing the work or trying to get by with as little as possible.

Patience is: doing the work, all the while knowing that it will pay off to $5,000/month … and then more because the work was done with care.

When I get impatient it means I'm not trusting the process. And there is a process to daily life on a personal level and to running a business.

It all begins with me. Am I willing to do the work and be patient – because I know the payoff will happen?

I answer a resounding “YES”.

In the beginning I had successful people show me how they did it, and I trusted that their process worked because the evidence of their success was in front of me.

I put the processes in place and have experienced success myself.

Which is why I continue to work the process – I'm not happy just sitting back. I want to grow, personally and professionally. And the only way to do that is through being active in my own success as well as helping others toward their success.

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0 thoughts on “Patience is About Getting Things Done

  1. Trust the process. Anyone reading this post would be wise to heed Charlene’s advice. Thank you for this excellent reminder, Charlene! This type of patience is the ONLY way to realize the results we desire in life. As Napoleon Hill tells us, “When you plant a definite chief aim in your subconscious mind you must fertilize it with full belief that infinite intelligence will step in and mature that purpose into reality in exact accordance with the nature of the purpose.” He’s talking about ‘trusting the process’. Thinking and acting this way will ensure that you do the little things today that result in your ultimate goal tomorrow. Thanks again for this info!

    1. Thank you, Matt. I’m so glad you think this is good info – you’re very kind to tell others to heed my advice and I appreciate you.

  2. Patience with daily action is key. Excellent post, Charlene. I love reading your blog. You always offer such great content and excellent value. Looking forward to your next posts!

  3. Great post here Charlene! Waiting is definitely one thing that must NOT become a habit. It does nothing but destroy the good things that are coming. Thanks for sharing this! Keep it up!

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