I believe that all humans are connected and that it's in the connection our needs and desires are heard and answered.

I've called it “answered prayers”, my “guardian angel”, miracles of faith and more. Call it what you will – when I make known through my thoughts and words what I need, want and desire…the solutions are presented to me in the form of opportunities. It's up to me to recognize those opportunities.

For instance: in my deepest spirit I truly wanted the answer to a problem so big, so overwhelming, so emotionally wrenching that I was incapable of ‘finding the answer myself' because I knew whatever was decided would hurt many people and required more strength than I thought I had. I prayed. I went on a road trip to find solitude. I sought counsel from professional pray-ers (priests, ministers). I sought guidance from those who had been in a similar situation. Eventually I realized that the answer was inside me all along, making itself known but I refused to give it full light. There came a moment when I was able to clear away all of my own doubt, questions, fear and thinking. That's when it felt like I was “struck smart with the answer”. This was over 30 years ago and I still feel confident that the decision I made was the right one.

Another example: in 2000 I became very ill, lost a tremendous amount of weight, had terrible digestive issues and was finally diagnosed (reluctantly) with Crohn's Disease. Immediately the doctor put me on steroids and antibiotics to get control of the symptoms. What followed was months and months of being on then off the steroids, trying to manage symptoms. Long term relief wasn't in sight. Then an experimental drug was found and I agreed to try it. It worked. There was only one problem – I had to take by I.V. every 6 weeks. Yes, it worked, but in my mind I decided that living the rest of my life (estimating another 40 years) attached to an I.V. drip was not an option. I truly wanted to wean myself from all pharmaceuticals, so I prayed. And I learned. And I prayed. Eventually, after almost 2 years I was able to wean myself off of the I.V. and on to a maintenance drug. After another 6 years I was able to wean myself off of the maintenance drug.

Today I am symptom free and drug free. Along the way I learned about my body, the human body, the foods I should and shouldn't eat. The level of stress I can handle and more. All the while I continued with the desire to be drug and symptom free. When an opportunity presented itself I tried it – food, drink, sleep, exercise, and starting my new business. I hit upon the formula that works for me. 

Yes, I believe in Answered Prayers. I also believe that that answers can be any of the following:

  • Yes
  • Not Now

I believe that the moment I make a decision to go after what I desire, then I can see to create the plan to make it happen. Follow that with action, persistence and discipline and you have a finish line within reach.

Today my purpose, based on my decision, is to educate, train, guide and support individuals who want to learn internet marketing to grow themselves and/or their business. I do that in the capacity of Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator. I have a few of my own products, am working on a couple more right now, and I endorse a few products (can be found in the Resources tab). 

Do you believe in Answered Prayers? I'd love to know.

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