The following layoffs and firings are happening in March, 2015. There are at least 40 companies across the United States that are laying off and firing people…this month.

Don't believe me? Check out this website that lists DAILY job cuts aka layoffs and firings: Daily Job Cuts

Target Lay OffsShoppers at a Target store in Mount Kisco, New York.
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Target laying off 1,700 workers and permanently closing out another 1,400 open positions.



Amgen to lay off 300 at Onyx, close South San Francisco facility


Lorain Tubular Operations US Steel plant, Lorain, Mar. 6.   Steve Manheim

U.S. Steel to lay off up to 614 workers at Lorain Tubular Operations

Having experienced both a layoff and a firing myself, I can assure you that it can happen to you – and it won't be fun. No matter how prepared you think you are, you really aren't. The emotional and financial toll it will have on you and your family will be unexpected and huge. Especially if you think you will be replacing the job you just lost in the next few months.

Being Fired or Laid Off

At the time of my last firing, we had 1 year of living expenses saved in the bank. We felt confident that I would start my business and all would be well. This was late 2007. I officially started my business June of 2008. We had gone through a few months worth of living expenses, but weren't worried. I had customers, good relationships with business professionals and knew that all would be well because I was on the right track to have a successful business.

Then, September of 2008, the collapse of the financial industry in the US happened. The phone stopped ringing. The customers stopped responding and it wasn't looking good for me and my family.

But, I was well-positioned to be able to ride out the recession.

First, I didn't have any hope of finding a job. Those were non-existent in my area and in my industry were very difficult to find.

Second, my business was virtual with very low overhead. The only expenses were internet access, cell phone and land line, and a few online research tools membership fees.

Third, because of one and two I was able to focus on making money with my business. And I did…and it brought us through the recession (which I don't believe is over) and has us positioned well to achieve my ultimate goal: be location independent by renting the house and traveling the country in a luxury RV.

Are You Ready

I'd like you to take serious stock of your current situation. What does your bank account look like? Is there enough there for you to pay your living expenses for 1 year? If not, what assets do you have to sell for cash so that once the bank account get close to $0 you can feed your family?

Think about this: if you haven't been laid off yet, you will be. If you have been laid off at least once since 2008 (and there are many that I know that have been laid off 2 and 3 times), then chances are slim you've recovered financially and are struggling. Which means you're afraid of the next lay off or firing.

Are you ready to take charge of your financial future?

Are you ready to stop being afraid?

Are you ready to learn how to do internet marketing, own a business and make money?

If so, now is the time to Join My Team and move forward.

To stop being stuck. Anchored by fear to a job that will likely be gone in the next few months. Held back by fear of the unknown…simply because you aren't around successful people right now.

Join My Team and you have access to successful business people.

You will have access to excellent, current training for internet marketing.

You will have access to personal development tools that will help you grow into the person you always knew you could be.



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