Disclaimer: There are way more than 3 reasons humor is the key to success…I'm hoping you'll add a few of your own in the comments so I can do another post that includes them!

Humor is the Key to Success

It is humanizing: when I stop taking myself so seriously it's amazing how human I am! Being able to laugh at myself has been a blessing in many situations. Sometimes I'm too involved in my own misery and am blessed with insight that makes me laugh. Other times I'm with a member of my team or another business owner and they will gleefully point out that I, the smart one, made a silly mistake. And laugh. Together.

It helps build trust: when I see someone I respect able to share and laugh at their weak attempts at doing something I not only like them more, I tend to trust what they're going to say next.

Humor is a stress buster: especially when it's unintentional! One time I was really stressed out over an upcoming speaking engagement. To the point of having a racing heart, the beginnings of sweat on my upper lip, and feeling jittery like I'd had too much caffeine. Then, just before I approached the meeting room I ran into a fellow speaker who took one look at me and said “good lord! you're so pale you've lost your freckles!” That's all it took – I busted out a laugh and immediately felt some of that stress go away. Followed by a few minutes with the fellow speaker and I was ready to go on stage.



Personally, I love a good pun. Know any? Feel free to share!

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

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