What Goals Are You Setting For Yourself?

A rudderless ship and a purposeless person are eventually stranded on desert sand.

The goals you set for yourself — like the rudder of a ship — will guide you toward your destination, and without them, like a ship without a rudder, you’ll find it impossible to stay the course.

Make goal-setting a habit in your life. If you sometimes have trouble staying focused, set small, attainable goals and stick with the job until it’s done. Examples might include finding a faster, more efficient way to do a routine job. Or taking the most difficult jobs first when you have the most energy and your concentration is at its highest level. Save the easiest jobs for last.

A few small successes will inevitably lead to bigger achievements. ~ Napoleon Hill

I have my list of things to do, today, in front of me. Each task is specific and is a goal in itself or is a stepping stone to reaching a bigger goal.

There was a time when my list was long – 10 or more things that needed my attention that day. And I thought it was okay when some things didn’t get done – but in reality, it wasn’t okay.

Why put it on the list if I’m not going to give it my full attention?

Recently, I’ve been reducing my list to the top 3 priorities for the day. If all 3 are completed before the day is done, then I can look at doing something else. I did it this way so that I could focus on just these 3 things, today, and finish them. And it’s done amazing things for my focus, my self-confidence, my feeling of being successful.

Do you have goals for today? If not, now is the time to begin the habit. Pick a goal that can be completed, today, and write it down.

How do you keep track of your daily goals? Are they related to your Major Definite Purpose? To your “ultimate goal” for your life or your business?

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