Using Webinars and Workshops Work to Attract Your Target Market

Webinars and workshops are effective tools for attracting your target market, getting to know them and more importantly…for getting in front of them to be seen as an expert. I know because I've been doing it for quite a few years. 

Since 2009 I've been training professionals via

  • webinars
  • in person workshops
  • conferences
  • classrooms

how to do internet marketing.

The sessions have ranged from

How to Blog … to … SEO101

Competitive Intelligence…to…LinkedIn for Business Development

And a whole lot in between. Seriously. I have a two page marketing piece that outlines the trainings available, number of hours and pricing. 

I truly enjoy training people.

I believe that the more you know about how to market yourself and your product/service the more you grow your personal skill level and your sales. Whether you're in network marketing, a solopreneur selling your services, a sales professional in a company or a freelancer trying to get a few projects a year.  Hence, my desire to train on specific skills or concepts.

A Webinar and Virtual Workshop Just For You

How about this for a confession: I've not ever stepped out on my own to do webinars or workshops.

I've always been invited by companies to train their teams, by individuals to provide personal training, or I've collaborated with another professional to co-present or co-train.

But, I'm going to do it. I'm going to step out on my own and do a virtual workshop. What that means is that I'm taking the in-person, bring your laptop and let's get to work workshop that I usually conduct and bringing it online. Really, I am. And I'm excited!

The workshop will be August 1, 2015.  I did a survey of professionals and asked:

For an intense workshop that covers a LOT of material would you prefer to meet:

2 hours, 1 night a week for 4 weeks


5 hours on a Saturday to Get It Done!

The 5 hours won, hands down.

Therefore, August 1 is the date for the virtual workshop:

webinars and workshops work to attract your target market

STOP Selling and START Building Your Business Based on Relationships!

To kick it off, I'm doing a webinar on Monday, July 6. It's going to be about 30 minutes and it is called Introduction to Social Selling.

Want to come?

You can register here:  Social Selling and you'll be put on the list for announcements of all webinars and events. 

This is the beginning of my series of webinars and trainings I'll be doing this year and next. Some will be free, some won't. The free will always be packed with quality information, while those that have a cost will be over-packed! Trust me on the over-packed part. Every time I've trained someone or a group I've been told “I've never gotten this much out of one training session!” 

So, if you're interested in learning and growing and being a better use of social media, I encourage you to register today and join me next week, and the following weeks.


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