Social Media Trends

I love the internet.

I love that I can sell products and services to people around the

I love that I can meet these people via video conference, live streaming
and on social media in general.

I love that when someone needs help with internet marketing, using social
media to spread a message, or guidance on how and when to
move forward with something in their business – they call on me.

I was thrilled to introduce a non-profit organization to my connections
using Periscope.

The non-profit is Freeset and you can view the video here:

What does this have to do with social media trends?


I'm using live streaming, the most recent trend that is going to explode the internet and business for everyone…

for my business,
to sell services,
to brand myself,
for personal growth by sharing my morning mindset reading on Blab, and for connecting with people from around the world and Periscope are both Twitter apps with so much potential I can't even think that high.

Streamago is an app on Facebook. Again, live streaming so that you can communicate with your viewers and share a message.

Trends. They come and some stay while others go. I think this one is here to stay.

Live streaming is an excellent addition to any business doing business online, but especially for an internet marketing business such as mine.

There is no real training available – yet – because it's so new.

But, if you're interested in learning more…stay tuned. I'll be sharing
it through email and through videos.

For now – check it out yourself and see how you can use it
to learn, to grow, to build a business.
Periscope – download from Google Play store or Apple Store
Facebook Streamago – download from Facebook




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