Blab is Periscope for Groups

Quite a statement that is made by Mashable in this article >>>Blab video chat app<<< Feel free to go there and read up on the details of what it is and why it's so awesome. Then come back for my experience and expected future use.

Glad you made it back!

Why Blab? It's important to remember that it no longer matters what you know and how many people you know. In today's world of connectivity it's truly about how many people know you.

Blab is an opportunity to see and be seen by your target market, your referral partners, your customers and your future friends. 

Blab is tied to your Twitter ID and account. Which is great because you, and those listening or participating in the discussion, can tweet out an invitation for your connections to join.

I've been using Blab for a couple of weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying it. I've met some terrific new people and have had some interesting conversations. Which is awesome for me – considering that I'm not usually the one to jump into random conversations with people.

Which brings me to how I will be using it for my personal and business growth. 

I've hosted a few Blabs and will be hosting more. Beginning Monday, August 23 at 8:30 am I plan to host daily Mindset Mornings, where I'll read a bit from a mindset book and invite people to come into the ‘room' to discuss what was read. The first book will be Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. 

Here's my profile >>>CharleneBurke<<< where you can see who I'm following, who's following me, the couple of Blabs I've done and the future Blabs you can subscribe to. I would love to have you join me!




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