Setting Goals and Reaching Them

It’s no secret

that setting the right goals

is essential

to creating a 

successful business and life

Goals help you stay on track with your purpose, focus your energy and give you clarity when working towards a vision.

The trouble comes when you realize, after some time, that you haven't achieved the goals you set. You get discouraged and abandon your vision for something else.

Could it be that the goal was too big?

Could it be that you didn't define it enough?

This is where the Mastermind Group comes in:

  • to help you be crystal clear on the goals you set…
  • to help you define the steps that need to be taken to reach the goal…
  • to keep you on track by listening to your progress and offering suggestions on how to move forward…
  • to help motivate you to keep moving forward by pointing out the progress you've made…
  • and more.

The Mastermind Group, for you, might be an inner circle of trusted colleagues. Or, a small group of business owners you've gotten to know and have asked that they be available to help you. Or, a group of small business owners that are gathering together, on purpose, with a focus to help each other succeed. 

This last group is the type I facilitate.

Small (and solopreneur) business owners gather on a regular basis to set goals for their business and help each other to reach those goals.

As the facilitator, I make sure everyone has their time to speak, that the discussion stays on track and to ask questions to help focus the group on finding a solution for the member. Solutions are found when everyone participates in the brainstorming, asking of questions to make sure they understand what the problem is, sharing resources and networks when needed. 

It's amazing what can happen to a business when the owner becomes laser focused on achieving goals for the success of the business.

Here is an example of one member's experience:

“Before joining Charlene’s MasterMind group, I had been an {association} member for a number of years, but had been slow in getting my business up and running. As an IIP [independent information professional], I often felt as though I had no one to turn to for advice or direction. The sharing of ideas and suggestions among our diverse and talented group members was impressive. And having to set new goals and being held accountable every two weeks was a great way to get out of a rut.

Charlene was an amazing MasterMind leader with an innate ability to guide us to productive discussion. That, combined with the wonderful group of people she put together, both novices and professionals, helped me to move ahead. I so looked forward to each MasterMind meeting that I have signed up again for Charlene’s January 2016 MasterMind Group.”

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of a Mastermind Group?

I can share many testimonials like the one above, and all have one thing in common:

before joining the Mastermind Group they floundered in their business and showed mediocre progress…after joining the Mastermind Group they flourished and showed immediate progress and results.

If you're ready and want to learn more about how the Mastermind Group works, let's talk. Here's my calendar, set an appointment and we'll connect. But hurry – January is just around the corner!



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