How Focused Are You?

I have the ability to focus so intently that I truly am not aware of the world around me.

It's a gift.

It's a curse.

It's part of being an introvert.

It's who I am.

When I'm focused on a project like:

  • writing a blog post
  • creating a banner ad
  • reviewing analytics with a client or team member
  • creating a webinar
  • outlining a strategy for a promotion
  • writing an ebook
  • laying out the 25-30 emails that will be in an autoresponder campaign …

distractions become non-existent.

And while I don't focus to this intensity all the time, I am able to do it intentionally.

This means that I get a lot done. Not in a fast or short period of time, because I'm doing things one at a time. But in actuality, I get more done than the average person in an office setting.


It means that through my years as a corporate employee I annoyed a LOT of people. Those people who expected me to drop my pen to answer the phone, to set aside the computations to answer a question, to stop creating a design so that they could show me something. And then there are those people who couldn't understand my lack of interest in idle chit chat. Yeah, well, you're interrupting me and it's going to take me 10 minutes to get back into focus, only to be interrupted again.


I'm now remembering that feeling of frustration and annoyance I had every day, that built up and became a solid feeling of ICK in my belly – every day.

Let's Get Focused

Enough about that! Let's get focused on today.

That ICK feeling is why I love what I'm doing today. And it all started in June, 2008.

I don't have those interruptions.

I have the freedom to turn off the ringer on the telephone.

I have the freedom to work from anywhere I want to – away from any possibility of interruption.

I have the freedom to do the work I want to do.

Because I have a team of people I rely on for their expertise, I am able to manage them and their projects instead of doing it all myself.


So far, today I've written a blog post, researched the franchise business industry, watched a webinar. The list on my desk includes: putting the finishing touches on a webinar I plan to do next week, record two videos for the YouTube channel, review stats on an ad campaign for a client, touch base with my admin to see if she needs anything from me.

And then my actual working day will end at 1 pm.

And those who know me know this to be true – I will be enjoying a good book for a lot of this afternoon, cozying up in my recliner and eating a bowl of homemade beef & cabbage soup. And feeling good because I got a lot done today.








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0 thoughts on “Just How Focused Are You?

  1. That is what I call having creative control over your life. After 1pm you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want? That feels like freedom! Thanks for sharing Charlene.

    1. Yes, Phil, at about 1 pm my day was free – and I snuggled on the recliner with a good book and a cup of tea, then watched about an hour or so of television, then spent the evening with my husband. I would have gone outside either to go for a walk or to spend time with friends, but it’s sub zero temps right now so I opted to stay in. It’s what I love about having an internet based business – I choose when I work because the tools I use make it possible. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Charlene. Looks like your quickly heading to my thought of having a 9 minute workday!! Like your post. Thanks for the share!

    1. 9 minute? Hah! Don’t think so – there’s too many things I enjoy doing, that others would call work, for that to happen.

  3. Great post Charlene! Focus can be a gift and a curse but when we’re laser focused on our goals it’s all good. Sounds like you definitely got it down my friend. Thanks for sharing, oh and beef and cabbage sounds really good. My wife and I have been on a soup binge lately too. She made a big pot of chicken soup with potatoes,carrots, onions and some other good veggies in there…mmmm 🙂

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