Just What IS a Burning Desire and Why Should I Have One?

A burning desire is what fuels the drive for you to reach your vision, your goal. It's what drives you on when you hit an obstacle. It's that bit of strength you have inside you can tap into when you feel as if you've hit a wall and…must…keep…going.

Why am I a mastermind expert?

I began hosting mastermind groups for business owners in 2008. First in person, then virtually – beginning with telephone conferencing, then moving on to Skype (blech), then Google+ Hangouts (blech) and now Zoom. Why (blech)? Zoom is a stable platform for everyone, while Skype and Google+ would drop at least one person (if not more) during a meeting. Not a good thing. Zoom? Well, it's been my platform of choice since 2014 and that's where I host all mastermind groups. But, I digress..

I am a trained facilitator, have facilitated strategic planning sessions between company leadership and teams, have facilitated board meetings among non-profit board members, and have facilitated a couple of hundred mastermind group meetings over the years. My approach is simple:

A mastermind group is peer-to-peer and I am there to provide an environment that is conducive to peer-to-peer sharing, support, encouragement, discussion, and problem solving.

I am the Guide to the Side, not the Sage on the Stage (as a master facilitator once described it). I make sure all members have an opportunity to participate and I will step in with questions to help guide the direction of the discussion.

I have been sought after to train coaches on how to facilitate their mastermind groups, and I've been a consultant to mastermind group hosts to offer guidance on how to improve member participation and member successes.

In addition to hosting my own mastermind groups, I partner with trainers and speakers and workshop presenters and conference planners to be their follow-up mastermind facilitator. What does this mean? When you're done with your training and your attendees are sent home to “go forth and do what they've learned” they often contact you for guidance, for accountability, for assurance, for wrist-slapping, and more. And you just don't have the time or mental capacity to do it – though you will do it because you care about your students. Now you don't have to. Whether it's an online course, a group training, a weekend workshop, a business conference – if you teach/train a group of people and guide them to specific things to be successful with their new knowledge or skill – I can be the accountability portion of your offering.

I get asked … a LOT … about mastermind groups, what they are, what makes me an expert. Then I decided it was time to write a blog post – well, okay, in reality I knew I needed to write a post because of the shift in my business….I am shifting to being a Mastermind Group Host, Continuity Program Partner, Information Professional.  So, now is as good a time as any to tell you why I am a Mastermind Expert.

I welcome new connection requests. I welcome questions about mastermind groups. I welcome invitations to partner with trainers, conference speakers, workshop and retreat hosts as their follow-up mastermind facilitator.

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