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  1. Failure – not a disgrace
  2. Copy tip – People remember how you make them feel
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  5. Pun of the Day

Failure is not a disgrace if you have sincerely done your best.

We live in a competitive world that measures success by winners and losers. It insists that every victory creates a loss of equal dimension.

If one person wins it seems logical that someone else must lose.

In reality the only competition that matters is the one in which you compete with yourself.

When your standard of performance is based upon being the best you can be — for yourself — you will never lose. You will only improve.

Make it a practice to objectively review your performance from time to time.

When you fall short, assess the situation and ask yourself: “Is there anything I would or could have done to change the outcome?”

If the answer is “no,” if you are satisfied that you’ve done your best, don’t waste time reliving the past. Simply learn what you can from the experience, and then get into action again.

The good news is —

If you consistently do your best your temporary failures will be the moments of course correction on your path to success.

What If – you stopped calling it Failure and simply looked at what you’re about to do as an Experiment? Then…when it didn’t work out as expected or hoped…you now have data/information you can apply to the next attempt.

Copy Tip

I've learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

The best emails I get – and love to read – are those that make me feel something.

If I smile – it's a good email.

If I frown – it's a good email.

If I laugh – it's a great email.

If I get angry – it’s a great email.

My best results from email copy come when I am genuine and the reader laughs.

  • Tell a joke!
  • Share a short story about your pet's antics as part of a sales page.
  • Share your favorite GIF.

One reason you're sending the email is so your subscriber will remember you.

Why not be remembered because you made them feel good?

Will they remember you? Yes.

Will they stay subscribed to your list? Most likely.

Will they buy from you? Eventually.

Random Thought of the Day

Most of social media is a public conversation.

Most comments and posts are done in a bubble.

Most reading of comments and posts is done in a bubble.

All views from those who read are skewed by the beliefs and experiences and biases of the reader (including me).

This thought came to me because of a recent PM I received on Facebook:

You might want to think about the comment you left on XXX's post. It makes people think twice about being connected with you.

My response:

Interesting. I've been messaged the same thing about when I commented on your post.


I would rather be connected with a diverse group of people who represent a variety of backgrounds – education – experiences – viewpoints…of my choosing…than a homogenous group of people determined by an even smaller group who deem my connections acceptable to them.

Does that make sense to you?

From The Research Files

aka random bits of info you may or may not be able to use in your life

For My Fellow Coffee Lovers

Roast your own beans. In your own oven.

First you need to get green beans. You can start looking for your favorite on Amazon.

Once you have some green coffee beans, place them on a perforated pan under the broiler (set at 350F).

Toss them every 2 minutes.

For a light American roast, go for 10 minutes.

For a dark Italian roast, go to 20 minutes.

When done, let them cool. Then grind. This grinder is similar to what I use. Though I admit, mine’s almost 30 years old. The simpler the better if you’re just starting.

Brew. Sip. Enjoy.

Pun of the Day

I bought a pen that can write underwater.

It can write other words as well.


With Gratitude —

Charlene Burke

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