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Do You Know What You Want? Are You Sure?

In today's edition of Burke's Bits:

  1. If you don’t know what you want, don’t say you never had a chance.
  2. Copy Tip – why you need to write to 1 person
  3. Social Selling Tip – Myth vs Reality
  4. Resource for Content
  5. Random Thought of the Day
  6. Pun of the Day

If you don’t know what you want, don’t say you never had a chance.

Those who complain the loudest about never having opportunities in life…are usually the ones who have an excuse for their failures.

Nothing is ever their fault. They're victims of their heritage, their environment, their education, or any number of other factors they perceive as placing them at a disadvantage.

If you look hard enough, you can find reasons to not attempt something. To not take a chance. To not stick with the job or project to the end.

Successful people are not excuse-makers.

They take responsibility for their actions. They set goals. They assume responsibility for their achievement.

Yes! No excuses – complaining – or whining allowed. Not here in my life or in my day.

I made the decision to be responsible for my actions. My success in life and business depends on me.

When my conscience tells me my behavior needs attention, I listen.

I may need to apologize to someone.

I may need to request a do-over.

What I don't need to do is offer excuses.

Nor do I need to whine to someone else that “I only did it because so-and-so did this first”.

What I do need to do is to take action. Make the phone call. Visit the person or place.

Because when I take responsibility for my actions I can take credit for my accomplishments!

Email Copy Tip

If you want your email list to love you…

If you want your subscriber to think you're wonderful…

If you want your reader to buy from you…

It's essential that you write with empathy.

It's a lot like writing from your heart while you're getting inside the mind of your reader.

Sounds hard to do, doesn't it? I admit … it's a real challenge sometimes.

There is a trick to it.

You must remember that there is a real person at the receiving end of your emails.

And — that person makes decisions based on emotion – not logic.

Before you write your email…

think about the emotional state that person is in at the moment they're experiencing the problem you want to solve.

How do they feel? This short list might help you get in touch with that feeling:

  • Angry
  • Anxious
  • Fearful
  • Uncertain
  • Frustrated
  • Unhappy
  • Lonely
  • Distraught
  • Powerless
  • Confused
  • Hurt
  • Afraid

How does that tie into their hopes…their dreams… their fears… their struggles?

Can you picture yourself in their shoes at the moment when they experience that problem?

Can you feel that emotion?

When you feel it…write the email. Because that feeling is what you want your email to bring up in your reader.

If you're stuck —

remember why you started your business …

why you created your program …

why you want to offer a solution.

That should help you recall what it feels like to live in the problem you want to solve.

Social Selling Tip

Myth vs Reality of Social Selling

  1. Myth: The minute I connect with someone I should try to get business out of them.

    Reality: Connect with people even when you don’t need anything from them; people don’t want to feel used.


  1. Myth: I have to connect with someone on LinkedIn for them to be valuable to me

    Reality: You don’t need to directly connect with a person for them to be valuable to you. Knowing someone your prospect respects and having introduce you or recommend you is very powerful.


  1. Myth: My connections are immediately going to overwhelm me with requests to be introduced to a contact of mine, so I need to make my connections private.

    Reality: Some will ask you, but you’re not likely to be overwhelmed if you make your connections public. Ensure that anyone who requests a introduction can show value before passing them on.


  1. Myth: Being on LinkedIn or any other social media platform is enough.

    Reality: That's like saying “if I put up a profile all my ideal buyers will show up to connect with me”. You must be active on the platform.


  1. Myth: I should be an OPEN networker – connecting with everyone.

    Reality: On all platforms that restrict the number of connections you are allowed to have, be mindful about who you are connecting with.

    Search for and connect with those who can help you succeed.

    This includes Ideal Buyers, Referral Partners, Collaboration Partners, Fans/Advocates of you and your business.

Resource for Content

What do you know about PLR – Private Label Rights – content?

It's content that's written or recorded and you own the rights. You can make changes so it reflects you and your business.

And…it includes a license so you can claim the content as your own.

Why do you need to know this?

PLR can be used to jump start any content or copy you need to write. Quality PLR is research based. This means you don't have to do all the research that gives your content or copy the credibility it needs. It's been done for you.


Having said that…

not all PLR is equal. Some is outright crap. This is why I'll give you my recommendations. I know the writer(s) or at one time I was the writer and can vouch for the quality.

Purchase it for multiple uses – one of which is as content for your email.

Then change it up a bit because you know that if it's written as an article it won't work as an email. Tighten it up. Make sure it focuses on 1 thing. Put in your call to action. BOOM … you just created some email copy you can send to your list.

Where can you get this PLR?

Here are a few sources I trust for Coaching, Food, Dieting, and a Mix of content:

Coach Glue


Kitchen Blogger


There are more sites and writers I trust. If you want a recommendation, reply to this email and tell me the niche you need content for.

Random Thought of the Day

I have every “right” to judge another person or situation. Just as you do. The minute you point a finger and tell me that I don't have the “right” to judge…understand that there are 3 fingers pointing back at you because you are judging me.

Just in case you didn’t know: you are not the one who determines what “rights” I do or do not have..

Being an adult isn't that difficult – really, it isn't.

If you disagree with my comment or perspective of a person, their behavior, a situation, feel free to say so and express your view. We might debate – we might argue – we might each be a bit miffed because we fully believe in our view – we might decide to “agree to disagree”…

and we both will have been heard and can move on.

Pun of the Day

That book about Mt. Everest had quite the cliff-hanger.


With Gratitude —

Charlene Burke

Let's Connect

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

― Richard P. Feynman

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