It’s what I wanted from an online business. And it's what I've gotten.

Here are 5 freedoms you will get when you start an online business:

  1. Money – you will have the freedom to earn exactly the amount of money that you want to earn. The only limitation is the amount of effort you are willing to put into your business. This effort includes learning, doing, learning, doing, learning, doing and more learning and doing.
  2. Hours – you have the freedom to decide what time of day you begin to work and how long you work throughout the day. Whether it’s 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours a day or a week…because that is the reality for internet business owners like me. The more you automate, the less you work once the automation is up and running.
  3. Location – you have the freedom to work anywhere there is an internet connection. Really. Anywhere. You need three things: an internet connection, cloud storage, a computer device. So, where do you want to live? On the road in an RV? In the mountains of Borneo? On a hillside in Costa Rica? In a houseboat on the Mississippi River? Your choice.
  4. Product – you have the freedom to choose the products and service you want to sell.
  5. Staff – you have the freedom to choose to have employees or not. You can choose to do the work yourself. You can choose to outsource the work to freelancers.

With Freedom comes Responsibility

There are some things that you will do every day to maintain your business.

Those things are determined by your decisions and choices of what you want out of the business.

If you approach your internet business as a business, and not as a hobby, with as much effort as you put in a job working for someone else, your reward will be much greater financially, emotionally and spiritually than you can imagine.


I’m talking from experience.

I truly did not know the intense satisfaction I would feel when I saw my work being accepted and purchased by other people.

People buy my:

Services – training, consulting and research

Products – training, ebooks and system

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0 thoughts on “5 Freedoms That Can Be Yours

  1. You make excellent points! I remember being stuck working certain hours that just destroyed my family. I missed so many things when I could have been home. But like you, I’m changing my life. I’m restoring my life… one day at a time.

  2. Yes – Freedom is the reason I have an online business. As you point out – if you want that freedom you have to treat this as a business not a hobby. Thanks for sharing …

  3. These are the five reasons why I made the decision to come online and go after my dreams and build a better future for my family and I. You are a true leader Charlene and I’m glad to be involved in the same community of like minded entrepreneurs with you.

  4. Great post Charlene, too many people treat their online business as a hobby and expect results. To achieve greatness in life we must play BIG in life.

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