3 Tips for Sticking With Your Commitment

Being committed truly does mean that there is no in between.

You're either in, or you're out.

For today.

Then you wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, watch a bit of news, check your email, get dressed, check your calendar, get to work, etc.

Around 2 pm – after lunch before the end of the work day – you suddenly realize that you didn't do one single thing related to your commitment!

Not one!

Here are 3 tips that I use to help me stay on track:

1. Just for Today: I begin the day, every day, with a simple statement that Just for Today I will…and this is the list of things that I must do today to stay on track. Examples include:

  • Listen to audio of successful people
  • Read to learn something new
  • Write a blog post

2. Read Your Commitment: I wrote out my commitment/goal on the computer and printed it. It has become a part of my morning routine and helps me to remember what I committed to doing or accomplishing.

3. Replace the news with an online video related to your commitment: I subscribe to YouTube videos that are related to what I am committed to. Example: Yoga for Beginners is one of many videos that I watch because I want to be focused, calm and ready for the day and have found that the beginner videos are great for helping me do this.


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