I am so grateful for artists and sculptors.

These elephants are carved from sand.

Had I come across this beach I would have seen:

  • white sand that I can scrunch through my toes
  • small sand castle I could make with a pail
  • a moat I could make with my hands or shovel
  • a mound that I could sit on to watch the water from

I would have never seen a pile of elephants…

much less think to create the pile from a mound of sand.

Thank you, artists and sculptors, for helping me see the world in a different way.

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0 thoughts on “What the Artist Sees

  1. What a wonderful post! And you’re right about seeing the world in a new way…

    Beyond this post, and your site in general, I also listened to your interview on Search By Burke. pretty incredible journey, but so well thought out.

    You’re a kindred spirit, I can see. 😉 Looking forward to sharing and getting to know you! Thanks for reaching out.

  2. You are so right about walking down the beach and feeling the sand in your toes. I never see elephants or statues or anything of the like. So wonderful that some people do! My spouse used to carve wood. She said she would look at a piece of driftwood and see a face in it that she just needed to reveal. I have no such eye – but we each have our own talent and creativity. Thank you Charlene.

  3. Incredible art and it is so unbelievable that they can do this in the sand. We live on the coast in California and see sand art a lot, but this is pretty amazing. Thank for sharing Charlene!

  4. Amazing sand sculptures with incredible details! I love the creativity of artists. Crazy how someone can see something so clearly in their mind and actually bring to life with their very own hands.

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