Knowledge is Power

I have said this simple statement “Knowledge is Power” since I was a young person.

I heard it at home from both of my parents.

I heard it from my teachers at pretty much every school I attended.

I never questioned it. And, I don’t question it today because…

Knowledge gives you choices.

Knowledge gives you access.

Knowledge gives you information that you previously didn’t know.

Knowledge gives you … yes, YOU… the ability to improve yourself.

Knowledge gives you … yes, YOU … the ability to improve the lives of others.

Knowledge gives you … yes, YOU … the ability to make better decisions.

Knowledge becomes a part of you and cannot be taken from you.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

Yes, I’m talking about YOU.

I often hear – Knowledge isn’t power … Action is! And it’s simply not true.

Without Knowledge how do you know what action to take?

I have a challenge for you:

Learn something new.

See the world in a new way.

See yourself in a new way.

Teach it to someone so that they, too, can see the world and themselves in a new way.

Do this and then tell me that you don’t believe Knowledge is Power.

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