It's scary.

It's exciting.

It's challenging.

It's certainly a growing experience, both spiritually and mentally. And, in my case, physically because my physical activity has reduced and my body is responding by growing.

But is it worth it?

Oh yes. 

Maybe I should shout it so you see I mean it:


Though I admit that being a business owner can be lonely. I don't have a business partner or employees, so most days are spent by myself with regard to what's happening to the business. 

Instead, I belong to a MasterMind Group. Where I have the opportunity to discuss business things with other business owners. And, in this group, we set goals and are held accountable. 

It's the best thing that happened to me and my business. And I invite you to consider joining one.

It just so happens that I have Groups forming now. You can read more here >>>MasterMind Groups<<<

I have moderated/facilitated MasterMind Groups in some form since 2009. Every single member has experienced positive outcomes from being a part of the group – and each comes with different goals and needs that the Group helps them with.

Solopreneurs and very small business owners can easily get ‘stuck in their own thinking'. A MasterMind Group helps to prevent that from happening, to keep you on track with your goals and to help you get things done.

I can't wait to see who will be group members this next round. The last three rounds have been simply fabulous!

Please, comment below if you've gotten great things from being a member of a MasterMind Group.



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