The Quiet Rebel

Enjoying doing the unexpected because people
don't believe someone as quiet as I am would do
these dangerous things.

Always taking roads opposite of what other people will
follow, turning away from crowds, whispering Yes to
the question of “should I?”


Have you ever listened to the counsel of a good friend tell you the reasons your idea won't work, then moved forward with your idea anyway?

Ever come up on a crowd of people and simply turn around and walk the other way?

Do you scratch your head and wonder how people can ‘move as one in a crowd', as if they have no ability to think through their actions?

Ever been at a gathering that was exciting, inspiring and motivating – and be one of the few that doesn't rush the stage or pull out your wallet?

Do you sometimes just quietly say “yes” to yourself, get in the car and drive to an interesting place?

Ever been accused of being too independent?

Do you have your own way of doing things?

Me, too.

I didn't set out to be stubborn. Or disobedient. Or strong willed. Or even adventurous. 

My intentions have always been to be open to learning more about the world around me, to experiencing new things and then sharing it with others who have similar interests. I've always had the intention of helping someone else with what I know. 

I've learned that other people just don't get it (or me). Sometimes they scratch their heads as they ask me “Why in the world would you do that?” or  they'll hug me and say “Oh my God! I would have never had the guts to do that!”

But, I've also learned that they don't have to ‘get' me. Nor do I have to ‘get' them. Appreciating our differences and connecting through our similarities is where the magic happens.

So, tell  me, please, if you ‘get' me. And if you do, what kind of things you're doing that make others scratch their heads or look at you in disbelief. I really want to know because I'm ready for the Quiet Rebels to Unite – well, temporarily, anywayshyly-smiley-face



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