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The Get It Done Program – Goals With A Productivity Plan

The Get It Done program is all about goals and productivity plans.

And…it's been running on a quarterly basis since 2014.

Initially it was a 90-day program that comes from the mastermind group idea by focusing solely on the goal setting and accountability.

Set a goal, get help chunking it down into milestones, have a group of people keep you accountable.

It worked. It worked well.

Each group was for specific professionals:

  • internet marketers
  • information professionals
  • trainers
  • writers
  • and others

Which is great, because each group was focused on productivity and each member focused on their individual goals…except I must tell you that the strain of marketing to each niche was getting to me. And, caused a reduction in membership in 2017.

So I revamped it a bit.

I offered it as a Focus & Succeed Group, still focused on productivity, and marketed it to any professional needing to get focused on finishing a project.

That worked for a while. Then, 90 days got moved to 10 weeks.

I added virtual co-working sessions and that's when the BIG change happened.

Members were getting things done much more quickly.

They were more productive and accomplishing the initial goal and then setting a new one.

They truly were Focused and Succeeding – and more importantly – they were Getting It Done!

Which is awesome!

Then I asked myself…

What can I do to better serve the members and those who are stuck?

What can I do to make sure that the opportunity to Get It Done is available on a regular basis?

What can I do to help more people Get Started so they can Finish – when they need it?

Introducing the improved Get It Done Program.

  • Monthly membership
  • Weekly group meeting to update each other on progress – limited to 10 people each group
  • Weekly virtual co-working sessions – limited to 20 people each session
  • Private discussion area using a program similar to Slack but quieter
  • Tools for productivity, time management, project management offered
  • Resources offered and found if requested
  • Access to me for assistance with chunking down a goal into manageable milestones

You Already Know What You Need to Do

Yep – people say it all the time.

  • I have the To Do list right here!
  • I use Google Calendar and I do something every day!
  • I have notifications and timers!
  • I have a VA who does the work!


So why is that project not done?

Why haven't you achieved the goal?

You know…

  • the one that you decided you would start and finish for your business? or for your personal health?
  • the book that is currently in your Working Title folder, with chapters outlined…gathering the proverbial dust.
  • the course you've been wanting to do based on your ebook series.
  • the blog posts you've been needing to write but have put off because…
  • the sales calls you've been needing to make but have been avoiding.
  • the marketing funnel you started and then, well, got overwhelmed with and set aside.
  • the speech you've been wanting to write for a TEDx talk.
  • the email series you've been needing to write.
  • the research you've been meaning to do.
  • the book you've been meaning to read.
  • the course you've been meaning to finish.

And the list goes on.

You set a goal and didn't accomplish it.

This program will fix that.

You can learn more and join us here: >>>Get It Done Group<<<

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