Stay Focused to Get Things Done

Photo Credit: Bart van de Biezen 

That which keeps our attention and gets our focus is what will grow.

Knowing this, and wanting my business (and myself) to grow and improve, its important that I have routines in place. These routines help keep the distractions at bay.

When I get to my computer I look at the calendar and to-do list. Each project that takes more than a day (and each project that takes a team to get done), has been broken down into doable tasks. That's the to-do list. I review what I need to do … today. Then I review what the team needs to do … today. I touch base with the team members to make sure they are on board with the day's tasks. Then I take my list and get to work.

Then the phone rings. Or an opportunity comes in my email. The text messages start. So easy to get distracted!

BUT – I've learned that I must stick to what needs to be done today. Right now.

I'm not nearly as organized as this sounds – but, I do get things done.

If you're having trouble sticking with something…

being distracted by new opportunities…

or the latest trend in internet marketing…

or the holiday parties coming up this weekend…

and not getting things done, then I recommend you take a break.

Go for a short walk.

Jump rope.

Practice breathing.

Pet the dog.

But only for 15 minutes.

Now – remember why you have the to-do list.

Remember the excitement when you made the decision.

Remember the anticipation you had about “what will come” of your commitment.

Now, go back to your desk/table/chair/computer and look at the list. You should be seeing it with new eyes. With a bit of clarity. Even, possibly, with a bit of focus. And, you should be ready to tackle the first thing on the list.




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