Sales From Days Gone Past

Oh my, were those the good old days?

The carnival hawker.

The traveling snake oil salesman in the horse-drawn wagon.

The first Sears and Roebuck catalog.

Traveling vacuum cleaner sales people … oops, they're still around, aren't they?  I know because I had one come to my door last summer.  I was nice to him – I simply opened my door wide so that he could clearly see my hardwood floors.

Then there were the door-to-door insurance salesmen.  Providing a service to families who would otherwise go without vital life, auto, home and health insurance. 

And let's not forget the product salesperson.  Cold calling at its best that utilized the telephone book, rolodex, and telephone.  “For every 10 no's there will be a yes!” or “Come to my home party and buy my products!

All of the above had their fair share of losers and quacks, and all of the above had their share of shining stars and outstanding sales people. 

I'm just really glad that today, in the 21st century, the basics may be the same but the execution is entirely different.

Basics of sales will always be:

Have a pipeline filled with quality leads – people interested in your product or service.  Achieved by communicating your message to your market and recording the contact information of those people expressing interest.

Contact people interested in your product or service.  Have a conversation about the benefits your product or service can provide to the contact. 

Close the sale:  ask for the order.

And always, always, always, treat your customer with respect and dignity.  Whether a person buys or not, they will always remember the way you treated them.

Social Selling is Sales the 21st Century Way

Using social media platforms to connect with like-minded people, building relationships, getting to know each other as people. Inviting connections to see what you're up to, what you have to offer, and respecting them when they say No – by continuing the relationship and offering value. 


  • How do you Not Sell on social media but get more customers?
  • How do you connect with ‘friends' and connections beyond the status update?
  • What do you say?
  • When do you say it?

This is the gist of my virtual workshop – STOP Selling and START Building Your Business Based on Relationships.

The workshop is a combination of two of my most popular in-person workshops I've been conducting since 2009 that focus on LinkedIn and Facebook. The principles learned can be applied to ALL social media platforms, the tactics can be put to use while you are in the workshop.

Oh yes, just like sitting in a classroom and I am available to look over your shoulder to make sure you're on the right track.

Oh yes, ask a question and it will be answered.

Oh yes, have a private question you don't want the other participants to hear? Private chat works well.

Final results: you feel confident in your ability to use social media to showcase your expertise/knowledge, find prospects, connect, engage with them, develop relationships with individuals, ask for the sale and retain them as connections whether they buy or not. 

Learn more here >>>Virtual Workshop<<<



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