More Profit: What To Focus On In Your Business

There are many, many moving parts in a business.
There are many, many different pieces you’re juggling at any given time.
There is a lot that goes into your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are new in business, in your first few months, or you’ve been in business for many years – it’s a lot to deal with.

So, how do you increase profitability when you have so many different things that you have to pay attention to?

Maybe you're struggling just to keep all the balls in the air and not drop them all.

Maybe you're struggling just to keep up the amount of profitability you have right now – whether that's next to nothing or a full-time income.

What about profits? What if you were to pay attention to those moving parts, one at a time focusing on each and work to make each one more profitable for you? That can really pay off, big time!

No, I’m not talking about working harder! Really, I’m not.

I’m talking about working smarter.

When you work smarter, you maximize every second you spend working.

I just wrote a series of posts about positive success habits – you can begin reading them here:

>>>Daily Success Habits<<<

many moving parts in business

When you have these success habits in place one thing that happens is you become much more effective. You maximize the time you spend working.

These positive work habits will help you be more profitable in less time.

You won’t have to use nearly as much energy keeping those balls in the air. You’ll actually use less energy because there’s going to naturally be less to juggle.

This is why successful people are able to get so much done. And how they’re able to create success, make more money, live the life they want.

They break down the different parts of their business and work on making each part more profitable. They cut their losses and do more of what’s working.

That's what you should be doing.

There are four main areas of online business I'm going to focus on today. I’m talking about online business because this is what I have and I can easily speak to it. If part of your business is online, then it will apply. If your entire business is offline, then you can look at these four areas as your online marketing effort.

The four areas of your online business I think you should analyze for maximum profitability are content, products, traffic, and lists.


content for your online business

Content is important for your business.

The internet thrives on content.  Advertising thrives on content. Customers are won over by content. Content can be printed, recorded, long, short—whatever you need it to be for your business.

Content is ads, emails, blog posts, articles, social media posts, videos on YouTube, podcasts, white papers, reports, ebooks, and everything else.


  • You can sell content and profit from it directly.
  • You can use content as a form of advertising.
  • You can use content as a way of winning people over.
  • You can use content to get people on your list.
  • You can use content to drive traffic to your website, products, and more.

There are so many different things you can do with content.

The question now, is, how much content do you produce in a day? If you're like many people, you don't produce content every day. And, I’m going to recommend that you change this. That you produce content, every day.

I’m often asked how it’s possible that I can create as much content as I do. The best answer I have for that is … I am always online doing some sort of research and then I write, every day. I do this because I have an info product business. I create products of my own to sell and I create products for my clients from the research I’ve done. While most of my products (for myself and for my clients) are business-to-business, there is no doubt that every online business succeeds because of content.

Remember, the internet thrives on content.

If you’re not much of a content creator or producer and you’re not putting out content on a regular basis, your business is suffering. This is why you aren’t getting leads. This is why you aren’t getting more people on your list. This is why you aren’t making more sales.

As part of your new and improved set of habits, put out new and fresh content all the time.


create new products to grow your business

The more products you have available to purchase, the more money you can make.

When you have more buy buttons, you make more money.

It really is simple.

The more products and the more buy buttons you have available, the more people are going to buy.


When you have more products available, it doesn’t matter that one product might not work for all of your customers because you are offering them choices. By having more products available you’re serving the needs of your audience.

Those who expect to create just one thing and then move on are missing out – on a LOT of profit. And, honestly, it’s highly likely they’re not in business for very long. I’m not aware of any niche in the info product business or internet marketing business that can thrive with just one product.

Look at tech companies like Microsoft and Apple. They’re always producing something new. They’re in constant motion with improving, too.

Look at online training providers. They’re always improving and updating.

Look at videographers. They’re always producing something new as new technology becomes available.

Look at ecommerce stores. They’re always adding new products. They’re always showing old products in a new light. They’re serving their customers.

Always be producing, always be improving, and always be finding a way to make your current customers happier and to find new customers.


traffic to your website

Every online business must have traffic to their site. There is no business if there is no traffic.

There are many different ways to get traffic to your websites. It’s so important that is should be something to focus on every day. People need to know who you are, what you offer, and where they can go to get it because they aren’t just going to show up or magically find you.

That's why it's so important to stand out. And, you can stand out with your content. You can get traffic through articles, blogs, paid advertising, word-of-mouth, social media, videos, and more.

Make it a habit to drive traffic to your website every day and it will pay off for you.

What traffic source should you focus on every day? The one that is driving the most traffic right now. Look at your analytics. Where are your customers coming from now? Do more in that area. As more profits come in, put some into getting traffic from another area – but don’t stop your efforts in the area that is already working.

You should be stacking your traffic sources based on how profitable they are.

List Building

list building for online business

List building is one of the most important parts of your business—for any business. You should have a buyer list because you need to be able to contact your customers whenever you want. You need to have a lead list because you need to be able to introduce new products to people who will become customers.

Having your own email list means you have people who have said: “I’m interested in what you have to offer and give you permission to tell me about it”.  You can send  them to blog posts you've written, new products you’ve created, things you're promoting, ideas you have, ask them what they want more of, and more.

Your email list is a business asset. When you can see that it is full of individual names of people who are interested in buying something from you, you should see how profitable it can be to send an email.

That’s it. That’s the four things you should focus your attention on to get more profits from your business.

They all work together as a wonderful system.

When you get more traffic, you get more people to join your list.

When you have more content, you get more people to join your list.

When you have a list, you get more traffic to your websites and you get more sales of your products.

All four pieces are important and they all work together.

Again, get laser-focused on these pieces of a successful business. Pick one, break it down into the important tasks. Look for ways to cut wasted time, money, effort. Look for how you can do better and where you can improve your daily work habits.

Make it a daily habit to focus on content, products, traffic, and lists.

This level of focus is how you can develop habits that will help you earn more from your business every day.

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