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Leadership Shares the Credit and Reserves the Blame

By all means tell the world how good you are — but share the credit and reserve the blame.

You should let others know of your achievements, with these provisions: Do it with your actions first and make sure you share the credit with others who helped you along the way.

A fundamental principle of leadership that has not changed over the centuries is: Share the credit for success with others but take the blame for failures alone. ~ Napoleon Hill

My business is strong and growing because of my team and my network of referral and collaboration partners, as well as my supporters…some of whom are you!

My team includes a virtual assistant. She provides the hands-on work to make sure my ‘brand' and name are seen by my target market. She also keeps me organized and on track. And, is a big part of helping my clients succeed online by providing the tactical support so many of them need with social media management. Oh, and is awesome with creating whiteboard and animated videos!

A team I am a leader of is the one creating 16 to Success. Other team members include Christian Williams and Aaron G Riggs – we're creating an online program to study success principles called 16 to Success. We've recorded video, created downloads, and are supporting our students … all who are interested in learning and living the principles of success.

There are projects and collaboration opportunities I am a part of, and neither I nor the other people take full credit when the project succeeds. We can't. It's obvious to us all that the only reason the end product is as good as it is…is because we all brought something special to the table.

I think it helps that I purposely look for people who have the same values that I do: respect, integrity, honesty, willingness to learn, cooperation, dignity, and more.

Do you have people you want to give a shout out to?

Are you looking for people to work with?

Do you give credit when it is due? How?

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