KISS for writing email that converts

KISS Your Email Content and Make More Money

KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly.

You may know it as Keep It Simple, Stupid. There are many people in the online marketing industry, especially in the copywriting area, that say Keep It Stupid Simple.

However you want to look at it, the meaning is what’s important.

Keep the content in your email simple because you will make more money.

What Is Simple?

First, simple doesn’t mean to talk down to your audience. That would look like you were “dumbing down” your language and will insult your subscriber.

Second, simple doesn’t mean to use only words that are 5-letters or less. That, too, could be taken as an insult to your subscribers’ intelligence.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of simple from

easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.:a simple matter; simple tools.
not elaborate or artificial; plain:a simple style.

* Easy to understand. This means use the same language your subscriber uses. For example, if you are a lifestyle blogger in the mountain biking niche you will talk about suspension, brake systems, gear ratios, handlebar risers, and grips, and use phrases like “breathtaking trails with miles of twists, thrills, and challenges”.

* Not elaborate or artificial. Long, drawn-out email content full of flowery descriptions, powerful narratives, and possibly even personality flaws are great if you are a novelist or creative writing teacher with a subscriber list of ambitious fiction writers. Not so great if you’re an internet marketer in the make money online niche, or a lifestyle blogger in the mountain biking niche.

You have to understand that in today’s world, people are busy. They have many different things vying for their attention, from smartphone notifications to family obligations, from health issues to home maintenance. They want to get your email. They want to see it in their inbox. They want to read it. But, if at any time while they’re reading your email they get confused or feel like you’re not actually talking to them, they’ll stop reading. And that is when you stop making money.

Make More Money

Here’s the main thing – When your subscriber is confused by what they read in your email, they won’t buy from you. When they don’t buy, you don’t make money.

When your subscriber feels like you fully understand where they are, what they like, what they want, then they will buy from you. When they buy, you make money.

Treat email marketing as a privilege and not a transaction. You'll soon have a loyal list of subscribers.

Don’t confuse the subscriber!

Stay focused on one thing, one lesson, one product review, one tip, one trick, one experience you’re sharing. That's all that needs to be in the email.

Write it in the language they understand. Use the phrases and words and slang they use. Really, if you write the email as if you’re having a 1:1 conversation with a subscriber, you’ll be on the right track.

Before sending that email, read it and highlight everything that doesn’t need to be in it. This would be weird phrases that make your reader raise their eyebrows. It would be the technical jargon that only people behind the scenes actually understand. It would be non-essential, flowery descriptions that would work better in a novel. Then delete what you highlighted.

One more thing – and it's really the secret weapon that I use to make my email content really connect with the reader – have more You and Yours than I and We in your email content. Highlight every “I” or “we” and replace with “you” or “yours”.

Now you have an email that is simple, in their language, easy to understand, easy to read, respectful of their time, and focused on one thing.

Remember, you’re not writing the email to impress them, you’re writing the email to offer value and to get them to buy from you. When people understand you, it's easier for you to persuade them. And they understand you when you apply KISS to your email content.

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