email is for sales

Want to improve or increase sales?

Consider this:

Social Media is for social proof.
Email is for sales.

When your email list has people on it who have purchased your products and you send them an email about your product…

When someone with a list of buyers offers to send an email about your service or product to their list…

You will get sales.

When you post on social media – 3x or 5x a day – for 2 weeks you may or may not make a sale.


Email is 1:1, intimate, a private conversation between you and your buyer.

Social Media is a public conversation, people are guarded when they comment, many comment to get attention to their own product or service, you can't control the conversation.

Over the past 13+ years, I've watched people spend thousands of dollars on social media efforts (organic) to build their brand, get visibility, sell their product or service. Their return on investment (ROI) might be $1 for every $50 spent. This means they lost money. Oh, yes, they were excited when a product sold. It gave them hope that maybe more sales could be made. So they spent more money posting images and updates.

I've also watched people spend hundreds on email – for the copy and the lead generation to grow their list. Their return on investment (ROI) might be $40 for every $1 spent. They send 3 emails to their list, each describing the product or service in a slightly different way, each focusing on a specific benefit the reader would get when they used their product or service. Then, if people clicked on the link but didn't buy, they send a different type of email to talk directly to that person. To address any doubts or objections. To show them why this product is what they've wanted.

Can you see the difference?

With social media, you have 1 chance to get in front of a prospect or fan or follower. They may or may not be online to see your message. This is why you must post the same message multiple times per day … and hope it gets seen by your prospect.

With the email, in less than an hour you know who opened it. You know who read it. You know who clicked the link. And you know who you're talking to.

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