For years I based all actions on my fear of failure – which means I had decided, early on, that failing was scary and had to be avoided.

Then, one day, it was time for me to make the conscious decision to be successful.

It was a personal decision that soon had a positive impact on my business.

How did I do it?

Truly, it was as simple as saying out loud

I will be successful

I didn't know what that looked like – other than it would be different than what I currently had…which was a lot of nothing special. A lot of ‘just getting by'. A lot of wondering why others had what I wanted and I didn't.

Since I made that declaration:

  • my online marketing agency has experienced tremendous growth by adding new types of clients, larger projects and opportunities to train individuals and teams.
  • my internet marketing business, that I currently use and sell to those interested in learning internet marketing and making money online, is on a path to match the revenue the agency generates.
  • my personal relationships with people has changed to being more positive and encouraging – on both sides!
  • my faith has grown, as shown in my prayers and reliance on strength from something greater than myself.

It's a New Year – the perfect time to make a decision about your life.

If you're ready to be successful – Make the Decision and the answer on how to do it will follow.

If you want something different,

If you want to learn how to stay on a path of growth and

maintain a level of confidence that you are on the right path,

If you want peace of mind regarding your financial situation,

If you want to learn how to manage and grow a business,

Then join me and my team.


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