It Snowed Today

Photo Credit:  Charlene Burke

The car, back and side decks and roads are covered in a few inches of beautiful white snow. I'm not going to shovel – because I don't have to.

That, alone, is a good enough reason to work at home.

But, just in case I needed another reason:

I don't have to sit in traffic, on a snow covered highway, because someone else slid off the road or rear-ended someone. Or, especially in my area, because most people don't know how to drive on snow so they creep along in their 4-wheel drive vehicles like half-blind 80 year old men.

Build a Business

While I don't have a ‘job', I do work.

Building a business takes effort and time and commitment.

So my thinking is this:

If I'm going to work, its going to be on my own terms.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on:

  • working from home
  • building a business



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