My Network Determines My Net Worth

I didn't understand this until I moved to an area that is populated with people who settle.

At first it appears they have a lot to offer, offering statements like:

  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Give first.
  • Money isn't everything.
  • Take it easy.
  • Dreaming doesn't get things done.

When I would talk with someone in my network about going for a better job, I'd get these responses. When I would say that it meant more money, I would be told that money isn't everything. When I would talk about more responsibility and challenges, I would get blank stares and be told that I should take it easy.

Then I became a business owner.

Within months I realized that I would need to change my network. Settling for what I had wasn't going to grow my business.

So I stretched myself and sought business professionals that were successful. It took a while for me to tap into my needs to understand who I should surround myself with.

In the beginning my network was filled with people who thought $100,000 a year meant you were rich. Who viewed ambition with distaste because it meant ‘you were better than someone else'. Who saw drive and enthusiasm as dangerous to the spirit.

Now I'm surrounded by people who come from all walks of life, who believe as I do, some are millionaires while others are well in the 6 figure annual revenue area, others are working toward this level of financial success,  but all of them are successful in at least 3 of the 4 areas I know to be important:

  1. Financial
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

I'm sure there are a couple, here and there, that are solid in all 4 areas at one time or another. But, for me, I gain a LOT from those who are solid in 3 areas.

What I gain is:

  1. Emotional support for my dreams and plans
  2. Financial guidance regarding investment in the business and in personal development/education
  3. Mental challenges that keep my mind active with learning new things and changing my perspective
  4. Spiritual support in my journey toward a better relationship with God and others
  5. Physical encouragement to improve my own health by providing me with inspiration and motivation

My Net Worth Today

Today I'm on track to increase my financial net worth 150% this year. Due to being surrounded by people who know how to make money, enjoy making money, know how to keep their money, have solid relationships with their God and their families, who are fit and active and who are very generous with their time and knowledge.

I encourage you to take a look your network.

Who are they? What do they value? Are you getting what you need from them? If not, I want you to consider moving them to the fringe of your network or possibly disconnecting from them and replacing them with someone who fits your needs.

If you're currently surrounded by those who don't give you what you need, and you do as I did to change that…you will be amazed at the changes in yourself and your net worth.



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