Writing Great Emails Is Easy When You Can Get In Your Reader's Head

Writing Great Emails Is Easy When You Can Get In Your Reader’s Head

You read that right.

Email content is very much like any other content on the web – blog post, site page, social media post, video.

It's great! When your customer or reader feels like you're writing to them.

It stinks! When your message misses the mark – your reader doesn't understand what you're saying or worse, doesn't care that you said it.

“Thanks For Subscribing! We'll be in touch shortly!”

Is this your current welcome email when people subscribe to your newsletter?

Or worse…They receive nothing at all?

It's time to fix that!

The first email you send when people subscribe to your email list is one of the most important emails you can send.
It dictates your future results with email marketing.

Here's why it's so important:

– Your subscribers will feel welcomed
– Your subscribers will see that you're paying attention
– It sets the stage for what to expect in upcoming communications from you
– It can filter out the “wrong” people who joined your list
– People are more likely to open your next email
– You can actually increase sales right out the gate

So what do you do from here?

You have 1 of 2 choices:

1. You can order your email sequences from me.
I charge $25/email for basic follow-up sequences after a download and $50/email for cold sequences.
Order emails written by me: >>>I Want Custom Emails!

2. You can purchase my 10 templates with samples.
10 Emails Templates and 10 emails that show you what you can do with those templates..
because the money is in the follow-up.
>>>Get the Templates

Whichever choice you go with – if you have no emails going to your list now, you're not making money and your subscribers are very disappointed.

To your success!

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