Why You Need To Learn Something Every Day

A little girl returned home from her first day at school.

“Did you learn anything?” her mother asked.

The little girl replied, “Not enough, I guess. I have to go back tomorrow.”

Why You Need To Learn Something Every Day

Between yesterday morning and this afternoon a LOT has happened.

I've met new people, attended a webinar, written more on the ebook, facilitated a MasterMind meeting, consoled my husband over the loss of a friend, and more.

There have been many insights and experiences that have opened my mind to see new possibilities and new pathways.

The webinar was about story telling. I've read many books about how to set up a story, whether it's personal or fiction. I'm mentioned in a book about success-story marketing Stories That Sell. And yet, in the webinar I was given a new piece of information related to telling my own story – a success story – that I could use for marketing.

While writing and editing my ‘soon to be launched' ebook titled Social Media Authority, I saw that I was giving much more value than I originally thought and after a bit of pondering I added some more details. All things I create can be improved upon, hence the focus is on progress not perfection.

During the MasterMind meeting I was reminded of the importance of asking for help from someone who is actively doing what I want to do. A reminder that I do not need to be alone in my journey to success. Additional remarks reminded me that no successful person ever did it on their own, making me very grateful to have a coach/mentor who is interested in making sure I stay on track.

Be Open To Learning Something Every Day

It takes a lifetime of humility and learning to be led into deeper and deeper levels of truth.

And it's necessary that you be open and ready to learn from your experiences throughout the day, sharing what you've learned with someone else, listening to what they've learned.

We all have a story – a lifetime of experiences that can teach us, and others, to be better.

I encourage you to consider adding Learning to your daily activity.

And to keep yourself on track, I can recommend a nightly review.

Something I do, every night, is to review the day that just passed. The checklist I mentally use looks like this:

  • Who did I help today?
  • Who helped me today?
  • What did I read today?
  • What did I learn from that reading?
  • What did I watch on television or video today?
  • Where was a blessing to someone?
  • Where was I hurtful or harmful to someone?

If there are items on that checklist that need attending to such as unfinished business or needing to apologize to someone, then I make a mental note to take care of it the next day.

If there is something I learned that I get excited about, I make a mental note to take a closer look at it the next day.

I hope you found this helpful.



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