the logistics of having an accountability partner

The Logistics of Having an Accountability Partner

The Logistics of Having an Accountability Partner

The specifics of meeting are totally up to you. You can meet in person or online. If you’re going to meet online, then you can communicate via email or social media messaging. You can contact each other via Skype, FB Messenger Video,, Zoom, or any other video conferencing tool

You can use a variety of methods. Maybe sometimes you’ll meet face-to-face and sometimes you’ll use Skype and email. Maybe sometimes you’ll use text and Facebook Messenger.

Come up with regular meeting times. Maybe you’ll check in every day. Maybe you’ll check in once a week.

Maybe you’ll leave the lines of communication totally open—texting or messaging each other whenever the need arises.

Maybe you won’t talk about all until your scheduled meeting times.

What do you need from your accountability partner? What do they need from you?

Think about what will work for you. Come to an agreement before you formally start your partnership. Make sure you’re on the same page so no one is disappointed and both of you get what you need.

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