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How to Choose the Right Accountability Partner

How to Choose the Right Accountability Partner

When I talk about all the wonderful benefits of an accountability partner, I'm assuming you’ll have the right kind of accountability partner.

There are some people who will start with enthusiasm but then become unreliable. They might not show up for your scheduled meet times or won’t check in with you. Those people simply aren’t on your level and aren’t ready for such a partnership.

It’s important to think long and hard about who you choose before you enter into a partnership like this. You want to make sure they’re absolutely a great fit.

What is ideal is to find someone who is at the same level as you are, business-wise. You don’t want someone who isn’t quite at your level because they won’t be able to understand where you are and what’s going on with your business.

You may not want to choose someone who has more success than you because that creates an imbalance. You might start to feel like you’re not able to give as much to the partnership, which can be distracting and uncomfortable. It may be better to look to those who are more successful as a mentor or coach rather than an accountability partner. With that said, never say never. If you find a good match that you’re sure of, just go with your gut.

Choose someone you get along with, someone who can be tough with you and give it to you straight when you need it and isn’t just going to tell you what you want to hear.

Choose someone who you think can help you move forward and be more productive in your business—and someone you think you can help.

Choose someone who’s reliable and isn’t going to leave you high and dry after a short time.

It’s so important to find a good match for you. Take the time to make sure. Make sure you’re both on the same page as far as what you expect of each other.

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