respect your email subscribers

Respect Your Email Subscribers

I've unsubscribed from many email lists in the last few days.

That person decided sending an email to their list was an appropriate place to vent their political views.

I've been on these lists for a few months. In one case a few years. Never have they sent me anything that reflected their feelings about current politics, riots, protests.

Then, one after the other, I get treated to vitriol by email.

They despise the domestic terrorists and the violent attack on the capitol. They despise the sleepy, lazy masses for not supporting the freedom fighters. They hate the doublespeak of the Left.

Note the different views.

I didn't sign up to be called names, see others being called names, or listen to their rant.

I unsubscribed.

No doubt a few thought taking a stand on a controversial subject would be good for their business.

They did it wrong. And lost me as a subscriber. In a few cases, I was a paying customer. Not any longer.

Please respect your email list. They're people with different views, different backgrounds, different lifestyles than you. They subscribed for something specific.

Deviate from that and you disrespect them, lose them, and your business suffers.


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