Picking the Right Niche for Your Kindle Book

Picking the Right Niche for Your Kindle Book

Making money from Kindle is like making money from any other digital product. This is a form of internet marketing and that means you’re going to need to some marketing.

This means you need to think carefully when choosing various elements of your book. It’s not enough to write a great book and market it well: you need to ensure that the book you’ve created has a clear audience that you’ll be able to market to.

This last point is actually the most important factor of all when it comes to profiting from an eBook. It’s not enough to write your book and thendecide how you’re going to sell it: you need to have a clear plan for how to sell the book and who will buy it at the point when you come up with the concept.

And this means picking the right niche.

Market Size and Value Proposition

There are two things to consider here.

1. The market size: people will gravitate toward larger markets at first because they will presume that this means there is potential for more sales. This is why there are so many books on Kindle about fitness, about dating, and about making money.

2. A clear value proposition. A value proposition is  the value that you promise your readers will get from your book: not just in terms of enjoyment, but in terms of the way it will improve their lives. A make money book offers a lot of value because it promises to make the reader richer: in that case, it is actually an investment when they spend money on your book. While fitness books aren’t an investment, as such,the insinuation is that readers will become healthier, more attractive to the opposite sex, and more athletic. In both cases, people are willing to spend a lot of money and much more money than they would spend simply to be entertained, or to learn about knitting.


But, then you have a new problem: these topics are so popular among readers and writers alike that the markets are saturated. If you write a book on fitness for Kindle, you will be competing with hundreds of thousands of other titles and this will make it incredibly difficult for you to stand out.

Conversely, if you make an eBook on a much more niche topic then you’ll face a lot less competition. The only problem? No one will be looking for it and you won’t have as many people you can potentially sell to.

So, what is the solution?

Simple: to find a sub-niche. That means finding a smaller niche within a bigger one. So choose fitness – which has that broad appeal and that value proposition – but then target older readers, or perhaps a particular type of training such as elliptical training.

Examples to get you thinking:


  • sub-niche: over 55, women under 30, elliptical training, weight loss, body weight training, yoga

Weight Loss

  • sub-niche: for women, for men, recipes, mindset, diets, low fat diets


  • sub-niche: self-help, for women, for men, for 55+


  • sub-niche: confidence, creativity, happiness, self-esteem, spiritual, stress management

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