Me, in the beginning:

I was scattered in my thoughts, unsettled in my spirit and physically overweight and unhealthy.

Where I wanted to be:

Focused in my thoughts, quiet in my spirit, at a healthy weight with energy to enjoy the day ahead of me.

Where I am today:

  • Focused in my thoughts
  • Quiet in my spirit
  • Making changes, daily, to achieve a healthy weight

The first step was to say out loud and make a list on a piece of paper where I was at the moment.

The next step was to say out loud and make a list of where I wanted to be in a short period of time.

The next step was to learn what I needed to do to change.

What I did, and still do, to make those changes:

  1. Read a book related to growing a business or changing my attitude
  2. Listen to an audio recording of people who are living like I want to live
  3. Pray for guidance and peace and focus
  4. Sharing my experience with those who want to live like I live now
  5. Eating less sugar and more vegetables

If you're overwhelmed with the idea of trying to see yourself in 12 months, or even 6 months,

Or, if you're overwhelmed with all of the steps you need to take to reach your ultimate goals,

Then break it down to something you can do – today, right now.

Where do you want to be next week?

  • Financially
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

What needs to be done or changed for you to be who you want to be next week?

What can you actually do, right now, that is different than what you did yesterday?

Now – do it.

Every day.

One small thing.

When you feel the change, go back to your list and select the next item and do the same thing.

Want some support along the way?

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