Daily Profit Killer #1 – Getting Distracted From the Start

Daily Profit Killer #1 – Getting Distracted From the Start

If you're like many people I've talked to, then you’ve reached the end of the day without having gotten anything done. This is extremely discouraging for you. Maybe you start the day off really excited and thinking that you’re going to be highly productive that day. But, it just doesn’t happen.

If you look back over the hours you spend on days like this, then you’ll realize that you got distracted from the very start. You woke up and checked your email, read some blogs, scrolled through social media, and fell down the rabbit hole clicking link after link.

When this happens, you reach the end of the day in shock that you haven’t actually done anything that will benefit your business. Then, the stress kicks in and you scramble to get something done. Anything done. Just finish – something!

If you start your day distracted and unproductive, that's how you'll end the day. I highly recommend you get at least one very important thing done right away. And, when I say right away, I mean to get this important thing done before you do anything else.

If you get distracted from the start, you'll probably be distracted all day. If you focus from the start, then you'll probably be focused all day.

It's very simple in theory. Which means if you’re already in the habit of being distracted it won’t be easy for you to suddenly become focused. It is possible, though. Start now and commit to starting each day being focused on what is important.

How do you change?

Instead of putting this new habit as a commitment on your online calendar or phone, why not just write it down on a piece of paper. Then, tape that paper to your computer monitor.

This way, you don’t even need to turn on the computer or reach for your phone. Instead, you look at the piece of paper and it will tell you what you need to do … now.

note on monitor

So, what’s on this piece of paper?

Look at your task list, right now. Decide what needs to be done first. List that on your piece of paper. If you’re in the middle of the day, that is what you will work on now. If you are at the end of your day, that is what is written on the piece of paper and taped to your monitor.

That’s it. Simple, right? Easy, right? So do it. Need something to add to your monitor so it will stick? Try this >>>Sticky Notes Holder<<<

This is something you’ll have to work toward making a daily habit. It will pay off big time for you. It may pay off quickly, but you don’t know until you do it. Ultimately – you will find that doing this insures that you will work when you work and you will play when you play. And you won’t be mixing the two anymore.

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