Marketing Like the Pros

Professional marketers, whether their focus is offline marketing or internet marketing, all know that the value is in the sale. The purpose of internet marketing, specifically, is to attract the attention of people interested in what you're offering. It doesn't matter if your offer is a service or physical product – the beauty of internet marketing is that there are people looking for what you sell. The marketing is what will get your name, your company, your brand, your products in front of them.

1. Have a foundation in place before deploying your marketing:

  • An autoresponder to store email addresses.
    • I use GetResponse, but there are many others out there. Just get one, don't get stuck in the research.
  • A capture page to get email addresses.
    • GetResponse offers designed capture pages. There are a few other lead page providers and if you're ready to deploy a large campaign and can afford multiple tools, use one of those. If not, use GetResponse.

2. Have a great product or service:

  • If your service or product is crappy, no amount of marketing is going to work for the long term. Unless you've cornered a market (like Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, etc.) then you won't survive having a lousy product or service (like Comcast Cable…voted #1 for lousy/awful/horrendous customer service … in the entire USA!).A quality product or service.

3. Your message must match your audience:

  • Who are you selling to and why do they need what you are selling?
    • Product: fishing lure. Market: 35 year old men. Message: attracts bigger fish.
    • Product: scented candles. Market: 40 year old women. Message: stress relief through aromatherapy.

4. Communicate with your target market:

  • Regularly. Whether it's through email, social media or video – stay in touch with them.
    • 3% of buyers are ready when they see your offer the first time.
    • 6% – 7% are open to it.
    • The remaining 90% divide into 3 categories that are either not ready to buy or not interested altogether.

5. Measure results:

  • Deploy the campaign
    • measure the results
    • tweak the campaign
  • Deploy the campaign
    • measure results
    • tweak the campaign
  • Rinse & Repeat

With these 5 things in place you will be marketing like the pros in a very short time!


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