3 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Succeed

Photo Credit:  Shweta Taneja

Suffering From the Why Him/Why Her Syndrome

You hear or read a success story and immediately think “Why are they so lucky? Why do they get the breaks?” As if you know they didn't suffer, didn't plan, didn't fail, didn't put in the effort. Nope, a ‘success fairy' tapped them on the forehead and sprinkled ‘success dust' over them and viola! they're successful.

Why not ask them “What did you do to be successful? How did you do it?” You just might get an answer that is helpful for you to use on your journey to success.

Waiting Until Tomorrow

Wow – I'm glad someone knows that they will have a tomorrow! Personally, I've learned the hard way that crisis, health issues, natural disasters and man-made disasters can happen in minutes. Changing my priorities from “wonder what we'll have for dinner tonight” to “where will we be sleeping tonight?” And another instance where my thinking changed from “What will I wear to work today” to “I need to plan my funeral – I was just diagnosed with cancer”.

But, hey, really, if you have enough faith in something greater than you that you believe you have a tomorrow – then what are you waiting for? Surely that means you have enough faith in something greater than you that you can start doing something … today!

Obsessing About Things That Have No Impact On You

There was a study showing that said more Americans know about the Miley Cyrus controversy than what’s going on in Syria. More Americans know the daily living habits of the Kardashians than understand the effect of Obamacare and their ability to get healthcare. Obsessing about reality shows and celebrities’ lives won’t give you a path toward success. It will just suck your time away from it.

Instead of obsessing about things, people or even news that has no direct impact on you, your family or your livelihood, direct that energy toward paying attention to the daily living habits you have – and making a change to any one of them so that you have a direct impact on your own life. You'll feel better for it.



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