Slow Down for Speed Bumps – But Don’t Stop!

Photo Credit: Helga Weber

There were times, in the beginning of building my business, when I looked at speed bumps as concrete walls. Situations and circumstances that seemed impossible to get over:

  • Lack of new customers
  • The third proposal being turned down
  • Nothing happening after attending 20 business events
  • No response to the advertising I personally thought was incredible!
  • Medical emergency – with a bill that threatened to deplete the savings account
  • Car trouble! Oh no – not another engine issue!

And I would stress over each and every one of these. So much stress that nothing else would get done.

Then I had an Ah-Ha moment.

These situations aren't walls at all! They’re just minor speed bumps along the road to success.

A concrete wall is meant to stop you in your tracks.

A speed bump is meant to slow you down so you can pay attention, but not completely stop what you’re doing.

Photo Credit: Andrew Gustar

So, let’s take a breath, look at the problem, determine how to get around it, jump over it, walk through it, get it fixed…while continuing to talk to customers, work on projects, write advertising copy, and take care of business.

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