Being hyper-focused on building financial security  means you're not spending enough time with people in your life, including yourself.

If you're focused on attaining what other people have (or appear to have) then you're doing it wrong. 

At the end of the day, what really matters is joy, freedom and self-worth. 

There were times, especially during the early years of the recession, that I was so focused on getting sales and doing business that I forgot I had a husband. He would have to get my attention, sometimes in ‘not so nice' ways, and ask that I spend time with him. I look back and can honestly say that these were not happy days.

Today, because I spend time with him, with family, with friends, and with myself doing some of my hobbies, I'm much less stressed and feel much more confident in my ability to build a successful business.

I used to let others define me and what success for me should look like. Not anymore. But to get to this point I had to change my thinking and perspective.

Here are a few things I've done that helped me to build a sense of self-worth:

  • Schedule time for family and friends
  • Take care of my body by eating well, sleeping well
  • Take care of my mind by having hobbies
  • Learn new skills – I'm always learning, always curious
  • Plan ahead and create milestones to mark my way to reaching a goal
  • Make my own decisions – seek guidance from others, but ultimately make the decision myself
  • Be mindful that I am in control of my attitude, reactions and behavior
  • Take credit for my successes and my failures
  • Value my time – I give of my time with great care 

 Where are you in the journey to self-worth? Struggling? Grown beyond what others say?

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