Productivity Doesn’t Always Mean Fast!

Productivity Doesn't Mean Getting It Finished Fast!


In early 2018 I decided that I would set up a site to sell PLR (private label rights) content. This is ready-made content, meant to be general enough for the purchaser to add their own voice while being specific enough so that it is useful, informative, or educational for the reader.

I am a writer. I write for myself. I write for other people (ghostwriting).

I also have a LOT of content that I've written and simply saved. Much of it is from the online research I have done since 2008.

In fact, I have one folder in my hard drive that has over 11,000 articles in it.

That I've written in draft form.

That are ready to be edited and sold.

Sitting in my hard drive.

Think on that for a moment.

11,000+ articles averaging 600 words each.

That's just one folder.

I have folders with 100's of documents of raw content + finished content.

Why are they there?

My focus for my business has been elsewhere. I thought I was ready to move forward with the writing in 2018. Nope. But I had the domain and the basic site set up. Just didn't have anything available for sale.

And, there it sat.

For a year.

While I hemmed and hawed and thought through all the possibilities.

While I got stuck in thinking that the site needed more bells & whistles.

While I got overwhelmed with the levels of upsells and downsells and One Time Offers in complicated sales funnels.

While I continued to write and wondered if this was something that would sell on that site – and then talking myself out of uploading it to sell.

I successfully talked myself out of selling anything…and finally I talked myself into just doing it.

And, here it is:

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