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Email Marketing: Size Matters Only If They’re Clicking

Email Marketing: Size Matters Only If They’re Clicking

Did you know there’s a secret to email marketing?

It has to do with size.

Your list size, that is.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter.

To make money from your list there is only one thing that matters:

Your ability to get your subscribers to click the links in your emails and buy.

Yes, it is that simple.

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.”

It's something I've been saying about email lists and social media connections since 2006.

But, but, but …

you say you have over 2,500 people on your list and an open rate of over 65%!

Doesn’t that matter?

Not one single bit!

Come on – think about it –  if those people aren’t clicking on the links and buying something who cares that they're on your list?

Other than your email service provider because you're paying them to have these people on your list.

It's All About The Conversions

You’re not making money until someone clicks on the link and buys.

Bottom line: the secret to making money with email marketing is conversions.

So, how to get them to click is the question you need to be asking.

Promotional Emails Are Annoying

One way to wear out your welcome – fast – with subscribers is to send them one promotional email after another.

You need to remember that people joined your list because they wanted to hear from you, but not to be sold to. They want a relationship with you. They look to you to solve their problems.

You’re not solving problems when you send an email that is focused on promoting a product or service!

Honest. You’re not.

Uh oh. Does this mean you can’t send a promotional email? Of course not!

What it does mean is that your efforts to sell products and services will be rewarded if you treat your subscribers with respect. Offer value in each email. Tell them the solution to a problem. Tell them why that solution is awesome. Tell them how that solution helped you, or your family, or your friend, or a fellow business owner.

Remember, the email you’re sending to your list isn’t all about you. It’s about them, your subscribers.

How To Start Getting Clicks and Sales

At this point, it just might look like your email marketing efforts have been wasted and your list is worthless. Sure, they’re opening the email but they’re not buying and you’re not making money.

Hold on. Don’t lose hope. There is solution.

You need to change the content of your emails from this point forward.

Yes, it is that easy.

Get out of promotion mode and into problem-solving, value giving mode.

First, understand that people love stories. The minute you tell a story, no matter how simple or anecdotal or short it is, you have their attention. It’s how we humans are wired.

Stories do a great job of using a well-known sales formula of A-I-D-A.

A: Attention – Your subject line will be the reason they open the email. Get their attention with it.

I: Interest – Tell a story using familiar phrases and a bit of humor

D: Desire – Awaken desire by tying the elements to a problem your subscribers have.

A: Action – Tell them what to do to get that solution

So, the idea is for each email to tell a story. You can’t possibly know all of the interests and hobbies represented in your list, but you can guess that a story about fishing will work well if you’re in the make money online niche. Why? Because we’re always talking about “fishing for leads” and “clickbait” and “landing new customers”. All fishing references, right?

Create a catchy subject line related to fishing. Could be something like “Caught a big one the other night…” or “Wrangled a monster fish and …”

Next, get their interest and tell the story. Keep it short and interesting…be sure to add humor. People love to laugh.

Next, include the problem. Finding the fish? Bait issues? Tie this problem with the make money online niche by focusing on a specific problem or set of problems. Get them to nod and say “oh yeah, I have that problem, too”

Finally, give them a Call to Action. Tell them that this product or service is the answer, tell them why, and tell them to click on this link to get their own.

There you have it. No matter what size your list is, if you give value and show that you know their problem and have the solution in every email you send, you’ll see an increase in clicks and that will give you an increase in sales.

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