Coach or Consultant – That Has Been The Question

Are You a Coach or Consultant?

During my short time (a few months) on live streaming programs (Blab and Periscope), I've been asked this question many times. And I respond with the same answer:

I am a Consultant, working with a client on external things for their business. Processes. Strategies. And more. When it appears that my client has internal issues that need addressing, such as grief, mindset, self-sabotage and more, I will refer them to a Coach.

“But you make such a great Coach, Charlene!” is a common response. 

Thank you, but you say that because I'm willing to share my experience, answers, guidance and advice in the moment. And, I'm glad you find them helpful. But, I am not interested in working with you over a period of time on your internal issues. Really. I'm not. You will get better guidance and achieve personal results if you work with a Life Coach, a Mindset Coach, a Transformation Coach. It's one-on-one work that I'm not suited for.

Where do you find a Coach?

Look for them on social media, do a Google search, check YouTube. Find someone who is offering the guidance you're looking for, then talk to them via video conference (Skype or Facebook Video or other program) to see if their mannerisms and perspective make sense to you.

I can recommend two different coaches.

One is focused on Self-Development with the goal being self-awareness breakthroughs that can become strengths to move forward in your life.

The other is focused on Mindset and Skills to move you toward a specific Dream you've not been able to make real.

Both have provided me valuable insight and skills to move forward in my life. I'll gladly share more of my story and give you contact information – privately.

Call me at 502-694-2158 and leave a message. Send me an email at charlene @

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