Small Business Marketing Consultant

For the Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, and for the solo business owner, you are steeped in your own area of expertise.  As your marketing consultant, I will work with you to learn your area of expertise then work with you and your team to complete projects as needed.

I have experience that can be used to apply to your business – in turn saving you time and money.


What does that look like?


1. You don’t know where to start

You want to do your internet marketing in-house, but you don’t know how.

You have a product or a service and you have customers but:

  • You don’t know if your website gets visitors
  • You’ve purchased ad space on a website but don’t know if it would doing any good
  • You think you should have a blog, but don’t know why
  • You’re busy attending face-to-face networking events, but not getting sales
  • You know email marketing works, but don’t know how to do it

As your marketing consultant, Charlene will work closely with you to create a plan that outlines exactly what should be done and when.

2. Your marketing project is complex

Help! Your project is too big for your small marketing department. While they are big enough for routine marketing efforts, this job goes beyond your resources. As your marketing consultant, I can work directly with your team and integrate my knowledge and resources efficiently. My job is done when the project is completed.

3. You need an objective set of eyes

Your marketing director loves using his favorite marketing methods, but can’t prove that they actually work. As your marketing consultant, I review how well those methods are working and make recommendations accordingly. Maybe your director isn’t up to speed on the new technology or platforms available. I can assist with introducing the new platform and provide training so that the director and the team can be more efficient and effective.

4. You need a more professional tone

You are a business in a small community and have a hometown feel to your marketing and advertising. You want to upgrade to a more professional image to attract a new demographic. As your marketing consultant, I am able to offer several messages and have graphics experts I work with to change your target audience’s perception.

5. You need better follow-through and testing

Due to your company’s small number of employees, some of your advertising and marketing efforts do not get the attention that they need. You need someone to step in and organize your efforts so they run smoothly and are effective.

The truth is that as a business owner, you cannot be an expert at everything that has to do with your business. In addition, there are only 24 hours in a day, and some of them should be spent sleeping, eating and spending time with friends and family. Hiring a marketing consultant will help you improve your business and alleviate stress.

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