Special thanks to Jennifer Burke of Intellicraft Research for that blog title!

When it comes to email marketing, engagement is key to the success.

So – how do you get engagement?

You're not an email marketer, right?

You're not a copywriter, right?

You're not a sales person, right?


You may not have the specialty skills of an email marketer, copywriter, or sales person, but if you're a business owner, an affiliate marketer, a course creator, or any other person who uses email to communicate with your prospects and customers…

you can become a better email writer so that you engage your reader.

Really. It's possible!

The secret to engagement is you being able to step into the shoes of your reader and writing so they feel like you…

1. understand the problem they have and
2. truly believe the solution you offer is what will work for them.

Welcome Emails

Congratulations! You have a new customer or a new subscriber! The best way to create a good impression is to welcome them.

Thanks to the email autoresponder, you can write a series of emails that are sent after they've purchased or subscribed.

There are numerous templates and formulas for the Welcome series, so whichever you use remember that you are setting the expectation for your customer or new subscriber.

I have a great formula that I use, and templates to match, for my own emails and for the Welcome series I write for my clients.

You can get them for yourself here >>> 10 Templates

It's not just me saying they're great – I have repeat orders from customers who say they're getting sales from the emails I wrote for them and could I please write some more.

Anyway, the formula is simple:

Email 1 Welcome, Thank you, reference the purchase or download, share how often they can expect to hear from you

Email 2 Reference the download or purchase, point out 1 thing about it, close with how your business is available for more solutions.

Email 3 Value based email, offer a freebie, details about a shortcut/hack/solution/tip, close with how your business is available for more solutions.

Email 4 Short introduction to your product or service, benefits focused

Email 5 Short story related to the product or service you're selling

Email 6 Full on promotional email outlining the product or service you're selling

Email 7 Value based email, offer a freebie, details about a shortcut/hack/solution/tip, close with how your business is available for more solutions.

And then you start the sequence again.

The secret is to always be thinking about your reader, showing benefits,

The 10 Templates are just that – templates. But, I also include an example series from one of my own sites so you can see exactly what the content can look like.

Selling a New Product or Service

But wait! What if you have a course or a sale or something that doesn't work with that Welcome formula?

That's when you take the 3 promotional emails in the formula – Email 4, 5, and 6 – and use them as the foundation for your campaign.

They're sent as Broadcast/Newsletter emails from your email service provider (Getresponse, Aweber, etc.) as single emails.

Yes, even if you have an autoresponder series of 100 emails – you can send short campaigns or single emails, too!

What's stopping you from creating a great Welcome series?

What's stopping you from creating short promotional campaigns?

Nothing! Because you now have access to a simple formula, fill-in-the-blank templates, examples of what those emails can say.

Get your templates today >>> 10 Templates