12 Emails for Oscar


Email Order for Oscar Soto to Promote a Done-For-You Online Business

This order is for 12 emails:

10 for each day of the trial period
1 because they purchased
1 because they didn't purchase

All will continue to receive emails from you whether they purchased or not.

The 10 emails will have a focus of keeping them excited about the software/program by pointing out how they can use it and ask them to login using the link you provide.

This accomplishes 2 things: offers value and if they click improves your reputation with your email service provider

How I plan to structure the emails:

Email 1 Congrats! You're In!
Email 2 Checklist for success
Email 3-9 What's inside
Email 10 Time is Running Out – includes an incentive … that you will purchase a solo ad that sends them traffic

I'll add bits of your life like this:

“I left the military all gung-ho to find a great job and keep the internet marketing as a side hustle. Man, I got a warehouse job and lasted 2 months! Talk about working hard and not being paid! Dang – it was worse than the military! So I decided to do internet marketing full-time and glad I did. Yeah, it's work – it's not manual labor though and I don't have a supervisor telling me when I can eat, when I can take a break, and when I can go home for the night!”

I will need 9 days to complete the copy for the emails.

Revisions – as many as you want, just know that I will want a reason for the revision and will explain why I think it's better to keep it as it is

Payment via WarriorPlus – I will create a Private offer for you

Work begins upon receipt of payment.

Price is $50 per email.

Delivery time: 9 days from receipt of payment.

Delivery via shared Google folder.

If you agree, please use the Buy Button and let's get started.