Business Research

Business Research

Every business needs information to succeed.

As with any business, online or offline, a marketing plan is essential to that business’ success. Research is a vital component to the marketing plan, and Charlene Burke does that for small companies.

Reasons for Research

  • Want to know if there is a viable market for the new product you developed?
  • Have an idea, but need to know if it’s already been done so you don’t waste money?
  • Thinking of expanding into a new market?
  • Who will be your competition? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Need an industry overview that shows key indicators, trends, major players, regulatory environment, statistics, and forecasts?
  • Are you doing a presentation or speech that requires more information, like statistics or current trends?

Services include:

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Industry Overview
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence

Using expert internet research techniques I go beyond the Google search and delve into the deep web – those sites that don’t show up in Google. I have subscriptions to databases like Hoover’s, Highbeam Business and Dun and Bradstreet. And I┬ácan get access to other premium databases if needed.

Using manual research techniques, I include telephone surveys and interviews, focus groups and court houses in my quest for the information that best serves your needs.

Whether you need business research or keyword competitive intelligence,contact Charlene for your business research needs:

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Want to begin doing some research yourself? Get your copy of Charlene’s book CI101: Competitive Intelligence the Internet Way:

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