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Dear Reader,

I have been a follower of Barb Ling for many years.

I have been a customer of hers for many years.

I have been part of the DAB Coaching Program offered by both Dennis Becker and Barb Ling for more than a few years.

I can say – without hesitation – that this guide is the BEST guide for those who are new to making money online….


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future proof your income
Future Proof Your Income Chapter 4
Future Proof Your Income chapter 6A

This is a no-fluff and incredibly satisfying easy-to-read 59 pages of awesome goodness – 

this guide will gently take you by the hand and show you:

✔ The Unexpected Disaster – page 1

✔ The Trying Truck – page 3

✔ What's Always In Motion – page 5

✔ How Life Can CHANGE In An Instant – page 7

✔ The One Thing Almost ALWAYS Guaranteed – page 9

✔ The BESTEST Benefit of a Personal Blog – page 10

✔ 50+ Uses of WordPress BESIDES a Blog – starts on page 10

✔ The One Thing You NEED to Do Before Creating An Online Business  – page 18

✔ How You Can Immediately Monetize Affiliate posts – page 25

✔ Creating a PROVEN Track Record  – page 28

✔ How To Set Up Your Blog The Easy Way  – page 30

✔ Why Paying For Your Own Site Is A Good thing – page 31

 ✔ Why Following Your Passion Is NOT The Way To Go  – starts on page 33

✔ The EASIEST Niche to Monetize – page 35


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future proof your income

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future proof your income

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